Mach-1Mechanical Testing System - Application Examples

Biomomentum offers a selection of standard and custom-designed accessories. Interchangeable compression rods can be provided with any Mach-1™ system, each attached directly to the load cell for application-specific load measurements. A range of testing chambers and fixtures can also be designed and manufactured in adherence with the unique needs of the client. Examples of accessories offered by Biomomentum are depicted below with corresponding applications.

Mach-1 Indentation

Indentation on Articular Cartilage

Automated Indentation Mapping

Human (Sim et al., 2014)

Mice (Lavoie et al., 2014)

Mach-1 Unconfined Compression

Unconfined Compression

Chitosan Thermogel (Coutu et al., 2013)

Swine Growth Plate (Sergerie et al., 2009)

Agarose Gel (Tran-Khanh et al., 2005)

Cartilage Repair Scaffold (Hoemann et al., 2005)

Cartilage (Fortin et al., 2000)

Mach-1 Thickness

Mechanical Stimulation

Multi-Axial Mechanical Stimulation (Waldman et al., 2007)

Mach-1 Tension

Tension Testing

Rabbit Patellar Tendon (Clemmer et al., 2010)

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