Mach-1Mechanical Testing System

The Mach-1™ is a mechanical testing system commercially available since 1999. Originally developed for cartilage testing, this multiple-axis tester is now being used in various configurations for the evaluation of mechanical properties of tissues and soft material. Due to its small footprint, modular design and customization features, the Mach-1™ offers versatility in numerous biological, biomaterial, and material testing applications.

Biomomentum has developed innovative functionalities for Automated Indentation Mapping of articular cartilage samples with the use of the unique multiple-axis capabilities of the Mach-1™ V500css.

Mach-1™ Models


1 Stage for Compression / Tension Testing


1 Vertical Stage & 1 Horizontal Stage for Compression / Tension and Shear Testing


1 Vertical Stage & 1 Rotation Stage for Compression / Tension and Torsion Testing


1 Vertical, 1 Horizontal & 1 Rotation Stage for Compression / Tension, Shear and Torsion Testing


1 Vertical & 2 Horizontal Stages for Compression / Tension and Shear (along 2 Axes) Testing